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2021 Fall DIOA — San Antonio, TX
Marriott Riverwalk
San Antonio, Texas, United States
12 — 14 October 2021

About DIOA
worldmapThe Genesis of the Defense Industry Offsets Association, or DIOA, occurred on July 22, 1982 when representatives of 12 U.S. Defense Contractors met at Hughes Aircraft in Torrance, California. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss and share information on how each company was organized for dealing with offset requirements of foreign governments.

Offset requirements were emerging as a new and common element of the international defense business marketplace. The participants discussed trends they observed developing within the offset/countertrade field and potential future involvement of the U.S. Government in this area.

At that time, no formal organization or professional forum was established for this group.

The general consensus at that meeting was that the U.S. defense industry, as a whole, would benefit from further exchanges and mutual self-education on the growing phenomenon of offsets.

The entire U.S. defense industry that was involved in international defense and aerospace sales was affected.

Contractors increasingly faced common problems in understanding and fulfilling the expectations of foreign governments who were negotiating offset arrangements as a condition of such sales.

As further informal meetings were held and participation grew it was evident that the Offset issue was an increasingly important part the international defense and aerospace marketplace. It seemed appropriate that a formal industry organization was needed.

In 1985, the Defense Industry Offset Association (DIOA) was organized under a set of Articles of Association. Officers were elected and a more structured management of the Association was begun.